Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Tuesday Juxtapose - 01102013 Blueberry

Reference Number: 01102013BNE
Dish: Blueberry Bagel with Cream Cheese
Venue: Bagel Nook
Address: Shop 2, Gresham Lane, 100 Creek Street, Brisbane 
Price: A$5.50

Outside of desserts and breakfast, blueberries proved to be slightly difficult to find on a menu. Wanting to try something a bit different, the Blueberry Bagel from Bagel Nook was the choice in the end. I was recommended to try it with cream cheese. I think next time though, I would try it with a savoury filling,just for the sweet-savory clash. Toasted lightly, the bagel paired well with the lashings of cream cheese. There's something undeniably satisfying, about generous fillings oozing out of the sides as you bite into it. The blueberry flavour does get a bit lost though. So to really appreciate it, perhaps just a bit of butter would be better.

Best consumed ... with a good cup of coffee

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