Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Tuesday Juxtapose - 08102013 Prawn

Reference Number: 08102013BNE
Dish: Shrimp Cutlet Burger
Venue: Mos Burger
Address: 250 Albert Street, Brisbane
Price: A$5.45

Mos Burger is a chain store that originated from Japan. Under current promotion is their Shrimp Cutlet Burger. The cutlet is generous with their prawns, which you can actually see as you bite though the burger. The cabbage and tartare sauce keeps the burger lighter and fresh. The bottom piece of the bun has a thin coating of mustard, which works well with the deep fried prawn cutlet. Available on it's own or as a set, you have the option of having it with a drink as well as a salad/chips/wedges/chicken nuggets.

Best consumed ... with the burger kept in the customized wrapper, to avoid getting it all over yourself!

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