Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Tuesday Juxtapose - 03092013 Chicken Wing

Reference Number: 03092013HKG
Dish: 特式釀糯米雞翼 Thai Style Deep Fried Stuffed Chicken Wings
Venue: 新泰東南亞餐廳 Sun Thai Restaurant
Address: 灣仔謝斐道272號杜誌詒地下3-4號舖 Shop 3-4, G/F, Tonnochy Towers, 272 Jaffe Road , Wan Chai 
Price: HK$68 (plus 10% service charge)

Stuffed chicken wings, are in a sense, a labour of love.  While it is a skill that can be improved and perfected, it is still labour intensive and tiring.  Here at Sun Thai Restaurant, the chicken wings are stuffed with sticky rice.  In amongst the rice are some peanuts which add a a crunch element.  The wings are then deep fried before being smothered in sauce.  The red sauce is slightly sour with a nice tang to it.  Personally I feel that it overpowers the flavours of the chicken wing itself. The other one is a white sauce, made with egg whites.  This is much more subtle in flavour and pairs quite well with the fried chicken wing.

Best consumed ... with a group of friends.  While tasty, I don't think I would want to eat the whole dish by myself. Gotta leave room for other stuff!

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