Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Tuesday Juxtapose - 23122013 Mango

Reference Number: 23122013BNE
Dish: Mango frozen yoghurt
Venue: Gurts Frozen Yoghurt and Dessert Bar
Address: The Gasworks, 76 Skyring Terrace Newstead, QLD 4006
Price: A$6.90

When you order a regular sized frozen yoghurt at Gurts you can choose to have two different flavours.  I decided to go with salted caramel and mango, which went surprisingly well together.   With a regular serve, you get to choose three toppings.  I had mango, mango pearls and waffle pieces.   I loved the pop of flavour when I burst the pearls in my mouth.  The mango adds freshness while the waffle adds the crunch.

Best consumed … on a Summer afternoon after you've finished your grocery shopping!

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